“I'm so glad I found - their software has made it much simpler for me to keep in touch with all my subcontractors. It provides me with a complete overview of the situation, enabling me to quickly reschedule if one of them runs late, and then notify the rest of the subcontractors.”


I used to spend days, sometimes even a week, taking off a build with traditional methods. With CountBricks, I can get all my takeoffs done and ready to quote in under a day, meaning I'm ready to order the job when it comes through."

Builders & Renovators

Take control of your business with CountBricks Construction Estimating and Mobile Estimating Apps. Cut time and money costs with our AI-powered estimating solutions.

CountBricks is the most trusted construction estimating app for web & mobile. With our unique AI-based estimation technology, get more accurate results in less time while streamlining your workflow and improving accuracy. Join thousands of builders and renovators around the world who use CountBricks to make their job easier with improved construction estimating, mobile estimating and AI-estimating tools.

Instant Estimates

Build estimates in minutes!

CountBricks is the ultimate construction estimating solution, offering accurate and fast estimates for all your projects. With our apps for both web and mobile, you can create reliable cost estimations quickly with AI-powered estimating technology. Get started today with CountBricks to streamline your construction estimation process!

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Automatic Pricing

Instant pricing and markup

CountBricks, the leading provider of construction estimating apps for web and mobile, delivers instant pricing and markup with its advanced AI estimating tool. From small projects to large-scale renovations, CountBricks has you covered with its cutting-edge mobile estimating capabilities and comprehensive estimations that provide transparent cost estimates in the blink of an eye.

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Quote 10x Faster

Win more business

CountBricks helps construction companies find their competitive edge with quick, professional quotes. Our web and mobile apps provide fast takeoffs and exact estimates that put you front and center with your customers for Construction Estimating, Estimating, Mobile Estimating, AI Estimating services. Get ahead of the competition with CountBricks!

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Your Profitability

Control your profits

CountBricks is your go-to for fast and accurate construction estimating. Our web and mobile apps make it easy to quickly create estimates, streamline the process with AI estimating technology, and track every dollar automatically integrated with your accounting software. Get a better handle on your numbers and maximize profits with CountBricks' construction estimating, mobile estimating and AI estimating solutions today!

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