“Now we can communicate with all our trades”


“Gives complete clarity on contractor quotes“


“I can find new trades when the ones I normally use are too busy”


Having difficulty communicating with trade contractors and receiving accurate quotes?

Discover the power of CountBricks and its Apps for Web and Mobile, the ultimate solution for Construction Estimating and AI Estimating. Our platform helps streamline the quoting process, providing you with accurate and fast estimates. CountBricks' Mobile Estimating solution will revolutionize the way you track and share quote requests, takeoffs, and documents. Get ready to experience the speed and accuracy of!

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Supercharge your RFQs

CountBricks construction estimating apps for web and mobile make it easier to keep track of labour costs and send RFQ invitations to multiple construction contractors.

By using our AI-powered estimating technology, you can quickly and accurately compare quotes and pick the most suitable one for your construction project to help ensure your labour costs stay in line with your budgets and generate more profits. Get started today and start saving time with CountBricks's construction estimating, mobile estimating, and AI estimating!

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Direct access to your networks

CountBricks' construction estimating apps for web and mobile make it easier than ever to gain accurate estimates with AI-technology.

With CountBricks' advanced estimating capabilities, you can generate highly accurate quotes and get subcontractor quote packages working for you - all with the help of our mobile and web estimating tools. Make estimating easier and save time by using CountBricks' mobile and web estimating tools for construction estimating.

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Assign takeoffs and documents

At CountBricks, our construction estimating and mobile estimating apps make it easier to share take-offs, documents and images with trades, providing greater clarity and accuracy around the job requirements.

Our AI estimating technology ensures the most accurate estimates, no matter the size of the project.

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