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“Drag and drop take-offs on my iPad!!


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Need to complete takeoffs via the web on your PC or mobile device?  

CountBricks provides construction estimating that is fast and accurate using AI-powered mobile apps for web and mobile. Our estimating solutions allow you to quickly perform takeoffs right from your PC or phone - perfect for on-the-go professionals who need efficient estimating tools. Try CountBricks for yourself today and discover why our construction, estimating, mobile estimating and AI estimating tools are the best in the industry!

Mobile & Web

Create takeoffs on any device

CountBricks construction estimating and AI estimating apps for web and mobile make it easy to create accurate and reliable estimates. Takeoffs and estimates are all-in-one with CountBricks, allowing you to create customized categories, line items and associated materials for your project.

Digital measurements are controlled with simple mouse clicks, saving time and giving you confidence that the estimate is accurate. Get started now with CountBricks construction estimating apps for web and mobile.

Mobile showing takeoffs


Accurately measure takeoffs in square, lineal, cubic or pitched

CountBricks construction estimating software offers powerful web and mobile apps for the most accurate estimations. With intelligent AI-powered features, CountBricks makes construction estimating easy.

Get complex calculations done quickly and accurately with CountBricks mobile estimating app. Take advantage of the intuitive features and powerful estimating capabilities of CountBricks to save time and money.

Bundles takeoffs


Allocate takeoffs

CountBricks, the leading provider of construction estimating, provides mobile and web apps to help streamline take-offs and estimate projects faster with AI technology. Our estimating solutions make it easier to share take-offs with trade contractors and improve accuracy.

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