CountBricks offers FREE construction estimating, mobile estimating and AI estimating apps for both web and mobile to help contractors get started faster. Easily manage projects from start to finish with CountBricks' powerful suite of construction estimating software solutions.

10x Faster Take-Offs

Instant Sub-Contract RRQ

Beautiful Quotes

AI Estimating

Save Time

CountBricks provides the latest in construction estimating, mobile estimating and AI-driven estimating apps for web and mobile.

Our solutions make it easy to quickly produce estimates on any job site with automated takeoff tools that offer accurate calculations and time savings. Streamline your workflow today with our innovative suite of products.


Win More Business

CountBricks helps construction companies save time and money with our innovative AI-based mobile estimating apps. Our advanced construction estimating software makes it easy to create professional looking quotes that will impress your clients.

Plus, clients can sign quotes online or in person for a faster, more streamlined experience—helping you get more business! Start leveraging the power of CountBricks’ cutting-edge construction estimating and mobile estimating solutions today.


Trade Access

CountBricks provides powerful mobile and web apps for construction estimating. With CountBricks, users can easily estimate projects, communicate directly with sub-contractors to ensure accurate pricing and even discover new trades in their area with just a click of a button. Start using CountBricks today to streamline your construction estimations and experience the power of AI estimating!


Rapid Invoicing

Invoice clients directly either as a lump sum or in instalments.

Add change orders to easily track modifications.

Create stylish invoices documents and capture signatures.

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