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Is your estimating process slow and cumbersome?  

CountBricks construction estimating software provides a powerful mobile estimating app, web app, and AI-enabled estimating tools to help contractors and construction professionals create fast, accurate estimates. Our estimating solutions make it easy for users to capture measurements, generate detailed cost estimates, and access dealer catalogues for exact material pricing. With CountBricks, contractors can easily and quickly create construction estimating and bids that are reliable and accurate. Our powerful web and mobile apps enable you to streamline your construction estimating process and quickly create winning bids. Make use of our AI-enabled estimating tools to save time and money in the bidding process and get the job done right.

AI Estimates

Build estimates faster than ever before

CountBricks is the perfect construction estimating solution for businesses of all sizes. With our comprehensive web and mobile apps, you can quickly and accurately generate estimates for your projects. Featuring powerful AI-driven estimating technology, you can quickly generate estimates for even the most complex projects.

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AI Pricing

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At CountBricks, our construction estimating and mobile estimating apps are designed to give you the most accurate, cost-effective estimates for your project. Our AI-driven technology is fast and reliable, giving you the best possible pricing in the industry.

With our web and mobile apps, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of your project, saving you time and money. CountBricks is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable and accurate estimate of their construction project.

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CountBricks is revolutionizing the construction estimating process with mobile, AI and web apps. Our mobile estimating app allows users to quickly and accurately measure and estimate, while our AI estimating technology offers advanced automation capabilities.

Our web app provides a powerful takeoff and estimating solution that helps contractors close more projects faster.

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Item Bundles

Create personalised collections

CountBricks offers powerful and accurate construction estimating solutions for web and mobile, from mobile estimating and AI estimating to traditional estimating methods. Our software helps construction professionals quickly estimate costs and save time while improving accuracy. With CountBricks, construction professionals can easily build up bundles of items to enable faster and more accurate estimating.

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