Customer Management

The CRM package of also offers an array of features such as estimates, takeoffs, AI estimates, construction estimates and trade estimates. With estimates, you can easily review and manage proposed jobs, track the progress of projects and even look into the profitability of projects with ease. Takeoffs enable you to quickly analyse the points of works for a project and measure the costs associated with the same. AI estimates enable you to get an accurate view of what is required for the project with the help of artificial intelligence.

Construction estimates give you the ability to accurately calculate the cost of a project in real-time. Trade estimates enable you to analyse the impact of different trades on the overall project and ensure you are getting the best value for money. With, you can ensure that all your estimates and takeoffs are accurately measured to ensure you are getting the best out of your projects.

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Client information on the go

CountBricks provides construction estimating, mobile estimating and AI estimating apps for web and mobile. With our hassle-free tools, you can easily access customer information on any device at any time - making estimation easier than ever!

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Keep client up to date

CountBricks' construction estimating and mobile estimating apps can help keep clients up to date with the information they need through AI-driven estimations. Our apps for web and mobile offer accurate estimates quickly, allowing you to stay on top of your project costs at all times.

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Track sales information

CountBricks provides construction estimating, mobile estimating, and AI-based estimating apps for web and mobile that help you track sales information, documents, notes and history.

With CountBricks' innovative solutions for estimating, businesses can easily improve their ROI in a cost effective manner. Our apps are designed to simplify the process of estimation so that contractors can quickly estimate projects on the go from any location.

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