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Why get charged for features you don't use?

CountBricks, a company specializing in construction estimating software, provides AI-powered applications accessible via mobile and web platforms specifically for estimating professionals. Our pricing strategy focuses on affordability, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to maximize the benefits of our state-of-the-art AI construction software.


Limited AI Estimates

Customize Quote Documents

Limited Take-Offs

Documents & Photos

User Management



Basic AI Automatic Costing

Phone, Tablet & Desktop




$25.00 / month

Save 50% for 3 months

All Starter Features Plus:

Enhanced AI (learns from you)

Power Take-Offs

Estimates Extra

Send Unlimited Quotes & Bids

Create Change Orders

Inventory & Material Bundles

Contractor Quote Requests

Customizable User Interface

Use Your Own Logo

Export to Excel


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All of PRO, plus

API Access

Import Existing Data


Dedicated Support Agent



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Real-time Sync

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Eliminate Duplicate Entry

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Improve Cashflow

$3 USD /mo

Questions And Answers

Can I switch plans later on and keep my data?

You can switch or cancel your plan at anytime with a click of a button. All your data is secure and backed up.

How does the unlimited free trial work?

You can use all features of the free trial plan for as long as you want. Or upgrade to the Pro plan and gain all the benefits of a full subscription.

Does it work on my mobile? is compatible with all Windows, Apple and Google mobile and desktop products.

How easy is it to cancel?

It's a simple click of a button. We believe if meets your requirements, you are unlikely to cancel or move. Therefore, we make it as easy to cancel as possible.