February 4, 2023

Estimate for Roofing

Denise Ellison
Head of Marketing

How to Create an Accurate Roofing Estimate with CountBricks.com?

Every roofer knows that estimates are the key to getting paid for all their hard work. But not every roofer knows how to do an estimate for roofing.

Creating a roofing estimate can be tricky. There’re many important details that need to be included and any errors or omissions can cause problems later.

CountBricks.com can help you create a roofing estimate quickly and accurately. We’ll also give you tips to make your estimates more professional and more likely to get paid quickly!

What Should a Roofing Estimate Include?

Creating an accurate estimate can be challenging if you don’t know what should go in it. CountBricks.com, who provide AI construction and trade estimating, takeoff, invoicing and change order software for web and mobile, suggests a roofing estimate should include all the information about the job, including any materials or services provided.  

Your roofing estimate should include details like:  

Your business name and logo

Your contact information, including address, phone number, and email address

The client’s name and information, including address, phone number, and email address

A unique estimate number

Date of the estimate

Date the work is expected to be completed

Line items with detailed descriptions of the services provided, materials used, and labor costs  

The total cost, including taxes and fees

Any discounts or special offers you have given the customer

Payment due date

Payment terms and payment instructions

You want to make sure that your estimates are thorough and accurate so that you can be paid quickly and easily. Some common mistakes roofers may make when creating roofing estimates are:  

Forgetting to include specific services or materials on their estimates. Avoid costly mistakes by ensuring you’ve accounted for all labor and materials in your roofing estimate.  

Not providing enough detail in their roofing estimates. This can lead to confusion over what is being charged and why. Be sure to include details about the services you provided, e.g., “installed new shingles”, as well as the materials used and time involved.  

Not including payment terms and due dates. Without clearly defined payment terms, customers may not know exactly when their payment is due or what forms of payment are accepted. And that can mean a delay in payment.    


Incorrectly calculating costs. Inaccurate prices being charged means either you or the client is losing money. It’s important to double-check your estimate before sending it off to make sure all necessary information is correct and has been included.

Failing to include all relevant details. If important information like taxes or discounts isn’t listed on an estimate, it can lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings with the customer.    


Fortunately, these problems can be avoided by using CountBricks.com's AI construction and trade estimating software. By taking extra care when creating estimates and ensuring that all relevant details have been included before sending them off, you can avoid costly mistakes.

AI generated roofing estimate template

Countbricks.com provides an AI generated roofing estimate template that makes it easier for you to accurately create estimates for your next roofing project. With this template, you don't need to worry about manually entering complex measurements or calculations. Countbricks.com's AI powered estimate template will automatically fill out all the required fields, allowing you to quickly and easily create an accurate estimate. This template is great for both new and experienced roofers, as it can help you save time and reduce errors. With Countbricks.com's AI powered estimate template, you can quickly and easily create accurate estimates for your roofing projects, allowing you to focus on the job at hand instead of tedious calculations.

General Estimate Tips for Roof Contractors

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A well-crafted roofing estimate is essential for any roofing business looking to maximize their customer satisfaction rate while minimizing potential disputes down the line.

Estimating can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! These helpful tips will show you how to create accurate roofing estimates quickly and efficiently.

Use an Estimating Management System

Using a contractor estimating and invoicing management system makes the challenge of estimating a whole lot easier by offering professional-looking roofing estimates that you can customize and send with just a few clicks.  

Many estimating management systems offer features, such as:  

automated quote reminders

one-click estimates with integrated links for instant payments  

mobile apps so customers can pay anytime, anywhere

It also allows you to record payments, view monthly sales reports, and easily keep track of outstanding estimates. CountBricks.com's estimating management systems can keep all the details organized, from estimates and taxes to clients and payment information.

Get Precise

When you generate an estimate for your customers, it should be easy for them to understand exactly what they’re getting from CountBricks.com. Be as precise as possible when listing items on your estimate.

For instance, instead of just saying “labor costs,” list exactly which tasks will be done by whom and how long it will take them to complete them.

It’s also a good idea to include notes explaining why certain costs will be incurred or why certain materials will be chosen. Doing so will not only save time later, but it will also make for happier customers who understand exactly what they are getting and why.

Creating Accurate Estimates with CountBricks.com

Creating accurate and precise estimates is the key to successful invoicing and customer satisfaction. At CountBricks.com, we provide AI construction estimating, takeoff, and invoicing software to help you create the most accurate estimates for your roofing jobs. Our software takes the guesswork out of estimating by calculating every cost associated with each job, including materials, labor, overhead, and taxes.  

Our software also helps to reduce the risk of surprises after a job has been completed. CountBricks.com takes into account additional services such as clean up or hauling away debris to ensure that you’re not caught off guard with extra charges that weren't considered when making the estimate.

With CountBricks.com's software, you can create better estimates and more confident invoices with peace of mind. So take the guesswork out of estimating and start building better estimates today!