February 4, 2023

Unlock Accurate Measurement Tools with Countbricks.com Takeoff Software

Denise Ellison
Head of Marketing

Unlock Accurate Measurement Tools with Countbricks.com Takeoff Software

In today’s market, material costs are high – meaning the margin for error is small. Using takeoff software from Countbricks.com is your key to success when it comes to precise estimates and bids. Increasing measurement and estimation accuracy on your jobs will ultimately save you time and money.

Depending on the size of a project, construction takeoffs can be simple or relatively complex. But no matter how complicated the job is, it always starts with measuring. That’s where Countbricks.com Takeoff comes in.

Keep reading to learn more about the differences between each tool and how they work.

How Are Measurements Created with CountBricks Takeoff

CountBricks Takeoff provides three primary measuring tools: Area, Linear and Count. These measuring tools can be used as a standalone measurement or tied into Assemblies, which are pre-existing templates for creating measurements and calculating the total materials needed. Assemblies provide builders with a defaulted list of materials, parts and formulas, making it easy to measure blueprints. CountBricks Takeoff also offers imperial and metric measurements, making it a great option for builders all around the world.

What are the Benefits of Using CountBricks.com's Measuring Tools?

Construction and trade estimating requires the right tools for the job. With CountBricks.com, you can choose from three different measuring tools to get an accurate measurement every time. Whether you need a linear measurement, an area measurement or a count of materials needed, CountBricks.com's tools provide you with the right tool for the job. You can rely on precision and accuracy when you use CountBricks.com's measuring tools. Get the right measurement every time and make your estimating process easier than ever before.

CountBricks.com’s AI Construction Software Offers Powerful Area, Volume, and Linear Measurement Tools

One of the most powerful tools in the software is the area tool. This tool is used to measure the area of a flat 2D plane, a pitched surface, or to calculate cubic yards or meters. The linear tool is also incredibly useful for construction professionals. This tool can measure standard linear measurements, calculate linear cubic yards, and even access a hip and valley function for pitched linear measurements.

Finally, the count tool helps users quickly and easily count individual components such as windows and doors on a plan. This tool allows users to adjust the icon type and color to easily distinguish between different counts.

CountBricks.com’s AI construction software is designed to make construction professionals’ lives easier, faster, and more accurate. With powerful area, volume, and linear measurement tools, construction professionals can be sure they’re getting the most accurate data in the most efficient way.

How CountBricks Takeoff Makes Measurement Simple?

It’s important to note that although the measurement tools offered by CountBricks Takeoff can be used on their own, it’s best to use them in connection to assemblies. This is the only way to ensure line item data will be sent to estimates in CountBricks.

Builders should start by selecting their assembly from the list of existing templates. Once they select their assembly, all they have to do is set their scale and start measuring. The three tools provided by CountBricks Takeoff account for virtually every required measurement type in construction – and creating them is easy.

Get Started on Countbricks Takeoff Today

Countbricks Takeoff is the perfect tool to enhance your measuring and estimating process. Our Square Takeoff Starter Packages come with a pre-loaded set of assemblies that cover virtually every building requirement for residential construction, as well as a minimal set of metric assemblies for anyone outside the U.S. With accurate measuring tools, you can start every project with confidence and add hours back to your day. Learn more about how Countbricks Takeoff can improve your project planning and book a demo today.